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четвъртък, 11 октомври 2012 г.

The Aim of This Blog

Through this blog I would like to share the experience, knowledge and practice – mine and my friends’ – in the following areas: railway modeling history of technics, and the areas connected with them. The largest part will be connected with railway modeling, but the figures, the military technology, the ships and the cranes will be paid the due homage to.
Concerning the railway modeling, the main area will be the large scale: 0 (1:45,1:43,5,1:48), І (1:32,1:35,1:30), ІІ - 1:22,5, 1:20, 3, 1:19. These typical sizes are not common in Bulgaria. About 50% of the techniques used for N, TT, HO are not automatically applicable for them and vice versa. That is why we will try to provide publicity for them. The other typical sizes will not be ignored altogether, but their participation will be SIGNIFICANTLY limited.
The same holds for the figures - 1:32, 1:35, 1:43, 1:48. These are the basic ones.
The situation with the cranes and the excavators is a bit more variegated: from: 1:20 to 1:50. The little ships will be in scales 1:29 to 1:50, the military technology - 1:30,1:32,1:35,1:43,1:48,1:50.
special attention will be paid to the modeling techniques, the use of machines and tools, working with different materials, painting, equipping the working place. Here is the right place for interdisciplinary relations as well, because, regardless of whether you are working on a wagon, a tank, a house or a plane, whether what you are working on is made of plastic, brass or cardboard, the techniques are all the same.
the history of technics is also in the focus of our interest. We will pay due attention and respect to the scale 1:1. As is naturally expected, the railway transport will be given the major place. The commented period is from 1800 to 1970. Remarks are not impossible, but please, make sure they are well considered and measured, e.g.  “The ferry Varna – Ilichovsk, until about 1990”.
 From the railway administration the Bulgarian and the German railways are to be favoured most, the runner-ups are the Austro-Hungarian (including the Czech), and the Swiss. The Scandinavian, the Dutch and the Romanian railway administrations and companies, as well as the forest American railway companies are given only brief winks at.
How to use the blog?
The blog is not a forum, its capacity is limited. That is my reason to ask for comments on the essence only, and only if it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to comment the comments. If someone has something to add on the topic, that is fine. But there will be a separate section/questionnaire for praising and booing, this is not to appear in the place for comments. I am always open for constructive criticism and advice. If one wants to comment, they need an OPEN ID. This is an option, which proves that the one who uses their e-mail is the owner of the latter. This is authomatically done for those who have e-mails and/or profiles in Google or Yahoo. If something is unclear, please enter OPEN ID.
It is OBLIGATORY to comment with your real name. you can always add the pseudonyms you are famous for. Please add the city/town you live in, and even with one letter only, your middle name. this is because there are quite a few people named Ivan Ivanov, but the Ivan P. Ivanov from Oryahovo is one and only.
A comment could be sent through the electronic address given in the comment box. I will read through it and only then will I possibly publish it. As I have not tried this system yet there might be hitches on the way. I do not feel obliged to publish every material or to respond to its author. I am creating this blog in my free time, and for this reason some of the things might fall into the side track before being processed. Do not forget that I also go to business trips… so that’s the way it is.
I wish these materials could reach those who are really interested, and not to the rednecks in our community!!!
I am not Mr. Nobody for the railway model makers and there are many ways to contact me, THROUGH THE BLOG TOO!
Attention!!! Under the title box there are many topics for which I would gladly accept publications. They will always be put in the title of the topic, in order to make searching easier. There are several ways of searching: there is an official search box in the top left-hand side of the blog page. I have put a second search box in the bottom of the blog page. It needs time to get used to. Several hours after the first publication should have passed before this search box is activated.
Furthermore, the publications have labels. They are good enough to help you find your way, but if you press them nothing will come out.
The texts below the title are in one language mainly in order to save space and to improve legibility. There are three languages available only for the materials with potential discrepancies. Orientation in the the terms should not be a problem for one with an average IQ J

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